EndymionI don’t tend to be very descriptive of those books I read, and whoever reads what I have to say knows that. I want you to read them yourself, if possible, I just want to entice you to read them.

Endymion is the third part of four in the Hyperion series. This was the simplest yet, as it was a pretty straightforward adventure. Go here. Go there. Stuff happens.

I was mostly impressed by Aenea ( and I still can’t pronounce her name correctly, I swear), how mature she could be at times, being that she is only 11, and how she would misplace her own time. Apparently she has seen all she will be and all she has been, so she knows most of what will happen next, and I think that will be what I’ll see in Rise of Endymion.

Raul Endymion and A.Bettik are strong characters, but Raul is there just because the poet wanted him there… or was it already written that he had to be there? He protects and cares for Aenea, while A.Bettik cares for both. Being that Bettik (the A. Stands for Android) is not entirely human, it’s very interesting to see certain emotions and interests in him.

I’m wondering about the PAX. If it was started by one of the Hyperion travelers, why would they create such a universe? Definitely, Religion manages to keep a stronghold even in the future. I guess people need to have something to believe in always.

All in all, Endymion was the easiest to read of the first three books. I wonder what the last one has in store for me. However, as usual, after a “difficult” book, I am taking a small break and reading The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks and Eternals, by Neil Gaiman.