As we all know, Mexico is going through interesting and (hopefully) good changes. One of the most awesome changes is the #YoSoy132 movement, which has been incredibly also supported by @OccupyWallSt.

However, today I’m not going to talk about that. The tie up between #YoSoy132 and THIS post is how I’ve seen parents as well as students in the movement. Today I’m going to talk about how most people in older generations (Even at MY age, I don’t think of myself as “old”) expect US to do ALL the work.

My awesome dad (not trying to look good, he probably doesn’t even know this blog exists) taught me how to drive and follow directions. For some reason me, and all my friends HATE people who drive as what comes easier to them, affecting others.

Case in point: I got to my gym’s parking lot and did a turn where I was supposed to, however, I find myself car – to – car in front of someone who came in the wrong way. As my usual, obnoxious, anxious and OCD self, I started making signs to him that he was going the wrong way.  He went by and I parked.

Then I recognized him. He’s one of those “old timers” who goes at the gym at the same time as me, and I was NOT planning on letting it go and just hang my head low, so I go “You know, you were going the wrong way”

His answer? “Yeah, I know… I’m tired of setting an example, so I do whatever I want. No one follows my example, so why bother?”

Oh man, that made me angry and sad at the same time. With a big smile on my face, I answered “Well, MY DAD taught me to respect signals, I’m not going to set an example. I just do what I know is the correct thing”

So yeah, he got even angrier and started getting so pissed that he said “If you’re so uncomfortable with it, report me” Blah, blah blah…. SERIOUSLY?

I’m all for “the children – or younger ones – are the future” but, what about who sets an example for the children? If you, older guy who just goes to the gym and does this small wrong thing, what other “small” or worse things do you do during the day? Is that the example you give to your children? Your nephews and nieces? Your grandkids?

I feel offended. Should #YoSoy132 be carried only by college students and recently graduated people? Should an awesome country, which has been bogged down by corruption, drugs, megalomania, rise from the wounded only by kids? What kids would rise this country, if we all give in to extortion, drugs, corruption, trying to get out of a speeding ticket by giving a (possibly) smaller amount of money to an officer? Should we go the wrong way when it’s easier? Who would notice?

Dear sir / madam, is this the example you want to set to the younger generation?