… but we are more alike than different when we stop and take a minute face to face


Overcast Clouds, 21°C

Williamsburg, VA, USA
Workout Treadmill Running
Distance 6.33km
Pace 7’16″/km
How it Felt A bit tired, but it was bound to happen with all the tourist stuff we did today
Injuries My right leg hurt a bit, only during the first 10 minutes of the run… I think it’s the treadmill.
Conditions Rainy and cool most of the day, treadmill obviously good temperature, inside
Events Went to both Williamsburg and Jamestown. I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own. I liked Williamsburg more, exceptionally old school absurdly retro and cute.
Mood Somewhat stressed, running helps
Heart Rate Resting BPM: 59, Highest BPM: 164
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