Hvaða loforð vil ég gefa sjálfri mér í mánuðinum?
Hvaða venjur vil ég festa í sess?

Ég þekki thau gildi sem égvil hafa að leiðarljósi í lífinu
Ég lifi í samraemi við þau gildi sem ég met mest
Ég veit hvað gefur lífi mínu merkingu og lit
Ég veit hver ég er og fyrir hvað ég vil standa

What promise will I give myself in the month?
What practices do I want to fix?

I have the values that I would like to lead in life.
I live in harmony with the values that I like most.
I know what gives my life meaning and color.
I know who I am and for what I want to stand.

January 1 2018
Workout Distance Running
Distance 3.22 km
Pace 7’18″/km
How it Felt Tiring, heavy.
Conditions Humid, and massively cold, between 0°C – 2°C
Terrain Street
Injuries My left shoulder hurts, and I can’t really pinpoint where the pain comes from. I feel I’ve overused my muscles and feel heavy when I run
Sleep I have not been able to sleep properly lately, I still haven’t felt completely tired, but somewhat, I’m sleeping at intervals during the day.
Heart Rate Resting BPM: 58 / Highest BPM: 163
Things of Note Time to begin again. I’ve been eating WAY too much during december, and my body can’t take it anymore. Time for sticking to my diet!
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