… I’m walking away from the light!

Clear Sky, 21°C

Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Workout Distance Running
Distance 21.23 km
Pace 7’51″/km
How it Felt Good! No pain at all.
Conditions Humid, windy, and a bit cold 21°C – 22°C
Terrain Mostly normal path, with a bit of dirt path
Races I took this distance to do the Beat the Blerch virtual race. Don’t like having medals I didn’t earn.
Injuries I had been feeling a bit of pain during the first two kilometers on other runs, happy to say I didn’t this time around, must’ve been tiredness
Mood I’m ok… I just feel I need to be without people for a bit.
Sleep I’ve been sleeping more than 7 hours every day, yay for that!
Travel Almost gone! Excited!
New Shows Going to have to play catch up when I get back home. Today’s new episode of Dirk Gently was so funny!
Heart Rate Resting BPM: 59 / Highest BPM: 158
Things of Note I followed a girl outside my usual route, and I’m glad I did! I saw more runners, loved the excitement of not knowing where I was going and just… Go on. Met a few people on the road, too, that’s why I was able to have a full picture of myself instead of selfies.

To be honest, I worried that the figure created by the GPS during my run would look like a dick ?

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