Clear Sky, 15°C

5017 Whisper Wind Dr, Wichita Falls, TX 76310, USA

Rest / Get ready to travel day.

Went up to Oklahoma, we ate at Meer’s, a restaurant with huge ass burgers and homemade ice cream, after that we went up Scott Mt in typical American fashion: Driving to the very top! ?

I got super happy at the very top of the mountain, and got to the very edge, met a couple from Zacatecas who took some really cool pictures of me.

Went to the refuge, I wanted a picture with a REAL buffalo, because, well… American Gods, but we couldn’t find any, still, it was pretty fun and I got a picture with a stuffed Buffalo.

Washed all my clothes so that they don’t smell off cigarette smoke. Hopefully everything fit properly in my bags.

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