Overcast Clouds, 18°C

Wichita Falls, TX 76310, USA
Workout Easy run
Distance 12.04km
Pace 6’55” km
How it Felt Amazing! Today was my first day running in Wichita Falls and everyone is so polite and smiley! I probably shouldn’t have but I went into the cemetery and took some pictures of interesting names
Conditions Rainy, I was dripping water when I got back, Overcast, around 18° – 21°C
Terrain Absurdly plain, though it DOES have tiny, imperceptible ascent, 50mts total.
Mood Happy, hopeful. I hope they call me from that particular job soon!
Sleep Trying the Chakra cleansing last night but my IPod battery was low, slept pretty well, though!
Heart Rate 185 BPM max, 55 BPM resting

Today’s 12 km run felt like it was the first time I ran, so happy!

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