Clear Sky, 18°C
Wichita Falls, TX 76308, USA
Workout Stretching excercises, taken from Days 1 and 2 of the 3 day Flexibility challenge, walked about 10km from here to Target and back.
Distance 10.6 km
Pace 8’24″/km, walking
How it Felt Feet hurt a bit, but I think it was the non-running tennis shoes
Conditions Incredibly sunny and clear, warm weather
Terrain Street walk
Yoga / Stretching Day 1: Feel Good Fluid Stretches – These stretches follow no rules and have no real structure. Instead, you’ll be doing an active stretch or dynamic range of motion that will feel great on your muscles (especially sore ones!).

Day 2: Yoga Pilates Blend – A combination of yoga and Pilates exercises, this workout lightly tones while improving range of motion.

New Shows New Lucifer show! Glad it’s back!
Period Stll on it… Yay ?
Heart Rate Resting BPM: 60, High BPM: 106
Things of Note As mentioned, new Lucifer! Also, this is the first time I find a Target store that’s just “meh”
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