… Like a ghost haunts from beyond the grave!

Fog, 24°C
Richmond, VA, USA
Workout Interval Training
Distance 6.38 km total
Warmup 10 minutes – 1.43km at 7’01″/km
30 Second sprints 1.- 5’12”
2.- 4’55”
3.- 4’29”
4.- 5’13”
Marathon pace 1.- 6’30”
2.- 5’28”
3.- 6’05”
4.- 5’56”
5.- 6’51”
6.- 5’51”
7.- 5’52”
8.- 5’37”
9.- 6’04”
10.- 6’20”
Cooldown 10 minutes – 1.30km at 7’40″/km
How it Felt Humid,ended feeling a bit dizzy
Conditions Incredibly humid, it seemed like it would start raining at any moment, unfortunately, it didn’t happen while I was out running, that would have been the best!
Mood Worried about not having a job, happy to be running outside instead of treadmill.
Heart Rate Resting BPM: 59, High: 158 BPM
Things of Note It’s interesting how, with a few days with cigarette NOT blowing on my face all the time, my rsting BPM improves. There was a time when I LOVED running on a treadmill, the past two days I ran on a treadmill were first HARD, the second, meh… Today was AWESOME running out! Found places I didn’t think I would. Unfortunately, tomorrow will have to be treadmill again… But I got to run outside in downtown Richmond!
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